How to turn your bedroom into a creative working area and use it effectively using 4 simple steps.

After starting my degree at London College of Fashion I decided to invest in a domestic knitting machine so I could knit and work from home, because during peak times it was a struggle to access machinery and most of the time I was ridiculously behind on work and having to catch up during out of office hours.

Soon after setting it up in my room I realised how much space it took up making it very difficult to work effectively so I decided to rearrange a few things. Especially after starting my business to create a sense of organisation and order. My two worst traits!

"My bedroom is now my office!"

I have now spilt my room into two sections, my work area and my personal lounge area. I have my knitting machine which is now easy to manoeuvre around my room, an easel to hold up any notes I need to follow or remember whilst knitting, a monthly schedule white board which I can alter to monitor orders etc, a rail to monitor stock and of course I have stacked up all my yarns in colour coordination to maintain a sense of order.

Have a deep clean

1) Get rid of anything you don't need or want anymore. This is essential for you to clear space you never thought you had in your room.

Draw a rough diagram

2) Roughly draw or imagine how you want the layout of your room to be. Really think about where you want your belongings to go, where you want to hang photos, daily planners, materials, books and journals.


3) Just do it! Do not prolong the organising stage, do not procrastinate, stay focused and organise your room from a place of leisure to a working environment so you can do both in one without having to splurge on a ridiculously expensive studio space.

Maintain and monitor

4) Separate your work space from your personal life. Do not make the mistake of working from your bed or your sofa. Make sure you keep your work space and bedroom space separate and don't merge the two. Your work space should be a positive space, when my desk is cluttered so is my mind and that inhibits creativity so I recommend you keeping your workspace tidy and aesthetically pleasing so your space is more of an exciting place to be and create!

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