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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Currently we are all going through two crises at the moment, one of them is a health crisis and the other is a human rights crisis, both are destructive and require both our attention and understanding. I will be honest with you and say that it has been mentally draining the past few months, having to cope with continuous anxiety, stress and fear due to the uncertainty of Covid-19 and recently social media has become a place of trauma, upset, anger, frustration and pain as a result of the sensitive content we have been exposed to in regards to the treatment of black lives.

While it is important to use our social platforms to raise further awareness on the horrific injustices continuously faced by black people all over the world we also need to leave space and gently remind ourselves to take time out and recharge!


Take a break and recharge by practicing daily meditation.

Take a few moments to focus on gratitude, notice the positive things in your life and take a few deep breaths.

Work on 4x4 breathing, breath in for 4 seconds and then hold for 4 seconds continue this exercise until you are present

Body Scan, bring your attention to different parts of your body and acknowledge how they are feeling. Start with your head and gradually move down through each body part, consciously relax each part in isolation as you pass each part of your body.

Lastly recite daily affirmations to remind yourself how powerful you are. If this is something you haven’t done before or struggle to lead your own meditation session I would recommend the app Insight Timer. It gives you a wide range of areas to focus on and is also beginner friendly (screenshot below)

I would also recommend the Instagram page @healsandfeels. Since lockdown they have been practising daily meditation with the most beautiful dance community. The meditations are open to all!


Acknowledge and accept your emotions, personally I have found comfort in journaling and just making a regular to do list daily so my mind is focused on the day ahead.

Practice daily gratitude, you will be able to think more positively and be more optimistic, reflecting and focusing on the things you are grateful for trains your brain to be happier, focus on the positives and appreciate the people around you more. I highly recommend @cdglondon a black owned business that sell stationary, lifestyle essentials and products that will help you document your thoughts, feelings and just add a little bit of structure to your life.

Eat Clean

Fill your body with a good balance of nutrients. One way I have been doing this is through smoothie making by incorporating healthy sugars, proteins and fats. I'll drop one recipe below for you to try out yourself


Cucumber (half)

Spinach (handful)

1 Banana (healthy carbs and sweetness)

Avocado (1/3 healthy fats)

Oats 2 tsps (this will help keep you full from breakfast to lunch time)

Almond milk (or any milk of preferred choice)

chia seeds (protein)

for extra protein add almond butter, this will also help to keep you fuller for longer!

For a few more recipes I would highly recommend this beautifully edited youtube video by Pick Up Limes

Hope some of these ideas help you through your days, weeks and months. It can be truly life changing.

Sending love and light to every single one of you beautiful souls

Love Sabbylou

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